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YEREYERE Earthday Location Announcement

We’re thrilled to announce our new location, marking the first-ever YEREYERE Earthday. A year’s worth of dedication and hard work has brought us here, and it’s only fitting we share this joyous occasion with everyone who’s been by our side.

Get ready for an electrifying line-up specially curated for the YEREYERE family and members. Also, brace yourselves for the launch of the latest version of the YY scave, which will be showcased during the event.

Step into a realm that resonates with our artistic spirit, embodies our zest, and pulsates with our musical heartbeat.

Join us in commemorating a year of YEREYERE at ISO amsterdam. ISO isn’t just a venue; it’s a hub of creativity that seamlessly blends exhibitions, workshops, screenings, lectures, performances, and music events. It’s an ever-changing platform for the global cultural community. Secure your spot by getting tickets through our.

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