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Introducing the Premiere Remix on YEREYERE Platform by Too Martian

We’re thrilled to unveil the debut remix project on the YEREYERE platform, crafted by the talented Amsterdam-based producer, Too Martian. Known to many as Jurre, he has an broad musical taste. However, we’ve always known him for his signature style – heavy basslines complemented by razor-sharp snares. It’s the kind of music that exudes energy and guarantees to get you moving.

How it all started

Jurre’s journey into the world of electronic music began in his teens. At seventeen, while residing in Assen, he ventured into music production, initially as a pastime. But soon, this hobby transformed into an all-consuming passion. Jurre’s musical inclination was hardly surprising. Growing up, he was constantly enveloped in melodies, thanks to his musician father.

Too Martian Next Fase making a step in the Amsterdam Nighlife

Upon completing high school, Jurre relocated to Amsterdam to pursue Music Production at the Art & Entertainment college, which is now rebranded as PACT. Over the course of his three-year tenure there, not only did he gain profound insights into music production techniques and the broader scene, but he also honed his artistry. Concurrently, under his first name Bace Jay, he dabbled in DJing and produced tracks for himself as well as prominent figures in the Amsterdam nightlife, including the Hippe Types B.

His thirst for knowledge led him to the HKU, a institution in Utrecht dedicated to Music and Technology. It was during this phase that he collaborated with the collective ‘From Paradise,’ releasing several tracks. Among them, ‘Nightshow’ featuring The Wolves and Drummakid stands os one of group successful project with over 1 million plays on only Spotify.

Post-HKU, Jurre embarked on a journey to carve out a distinct sound, pouring his heart into refining his craft and producing an array of content. Today, he’s fervently working to establish a unique soundprint under his primary alias, Too Martian, and other pseudonyms. You can also anticipate Jurre’s appearance on our upcoming YY Radio ADE special broadcast. But for now, let’s dive into the brilliance of his remix.

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